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Depilation with sugar paste

It’s time to think differently about depilation!

PANDHY’S™ Depilation with sugar paste. Benefits for you:

The paste is used at body temperature so there is no danger of burning, live skin cells don’t stick to it, therefore it doesn’t damage the upper skin layer. Only hairs and dead skin cells stick to sugar paste, this is why the treatment results in silky, smooth skin.

Why is depilation with sugar paste more durable than waxing or other depilation methods?

When the hair is long enough to be depilated (approximately 5-10 mm) it is already in the 3rd stage of hair growth, the so called telogen stage. It means, that the follicle grows the new hair under the visible hair, so it determines the duration of “hair-free” period. As sugar paste is able to remove very short hair as well, depilation is carried out during the so called anagen, or growth stage, resulting in a considerably longer regeneration period for the follicle to grow new hair. Also, depilation carried out during this phase affects the follicle itself; this is why you will experience a change in the quality of your hair right after the first treatment. The new hair is thinner, softer and usually lighter.

Why is it better for avoiding ingrown hair?

The so called ingrown hair causes problems to many. The reason behind this phenomenon is that after depilation, there is no hair in the follicle for weeks, and therefore dead skin cells can close the top of the follicle thus preventing the new hair from coming to the surface, and it remains under the skin. It can also be caused by one of the frequent side effects of waxing, when the hair is removed opposite the direction of hair growth changing the position of the follicles (on most part of the body the follicle is 45°- at the skin surface) which can also prevent the new hair from finding its way to the skin surface.

About the disadvantages of the treatment: The only disadvantage you might experience during the sugar paste treatment is the momentary pain occurring at the removal of the hair. It is important to note, that the root of the hair is significantly bigger than the follicle pore on the surface of the skin, therefore the extraction triggers pain. This inconvenience is compensated by the massage during the application, and by the perfect, irritation-free, long-lasting effect.